Compatibility Guide books can be read in any modern web browser – check if you're compatible.


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I have previously purchased books through retailers – now what?
Short answer: Your books are still available from your library (Long answer)
Which devices can I use with
Short answer: Anything with a modern web browser. (Long answer)
Do I have to be connected to the internet to read my books?
Short answer: No. (Long answer)
Does it work with my Kindle3?
Short answer: It's experimental, but it works. (Long answer)
Can I search the full text of my books?
Short answer: Yes. (Long answer)
Can I share books with my friends?
Short answer: Not yet. (Long answer)
Can I download my books?
Short answer: Yes, for use in software. (Long answer)
What's up with the page numbers?
Short answer: They're for your current chapter. (Long answer)
Can I print my book?
Short answer: No (Long answer)
What does 'DRM-free' mean?
Short answer: Some books can be used outside the application (Long answer)
Can I buy books from
Short answer: On 1 July 2013, we stopped selling ebooks (Long answer)


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